Our Mind - See the Bigger Picture

What WE CARE about

  • PROVIDE OUR ADVISE to organizations to take ADVANTAGE from all Open Source software business models

  • To UNLOCK Open Source software benefis to organizations from all business dependencies

  • ENABLE financial benefits from As A Service and Data Economy trends to organizations

  • BOOST the organizations to use what they need

What WE want to DO 

  • To Share our ENERGY and to IGNITE the organizations with Open Source software, our customer obssessed mindset and the BEST user experience

  • UNLEASH Open Source communities to the next level 

  • To create VALUE and be the DIFFERENCE

Why WE should care about and WANT TO HELP


  • Best place to be, with inspired people that make an impact in us, our customers and communities


  • Shape the future, lead by example


  • To understand the market, our customer needs and communities, build for their success


  • Motivate a change, our journey is with our customers and communities, together

Think differently


Selling Process available for ALL!

Focus in NEW Trends

Let's share the Open Source culture!